Finding Spirituality (Beyond Ubud)!

Just this past week, a story of mine was published on the SoulScape Asia website. The article details my experience hiking to the seventh temple of Pura Luhur Lempuyang outside of Candidasa, Bali. While it's relatively short and only skims the surface of my climb, it's exciting to see my writing reach a larger audience.... Continue Reading →

Antarctic Photography Essentials

Tourism in Antarctica has steadily increased over the past decades. With the commencement of commercial flights to Seymour Island, it will only grow faster. Increasing accessibility to this continent transforms Antarctica into a more feasible destination for the average tourist. Perhaps you’ve already added it to your list or, even better, booked a tour. However,... Continue Reading →

Penguin Particulars: A Photo Essay

No doubt people venture to Antarctica to see penguins. Sure one can catch a glimpse of these birds in New Zealand (Phillip Island), South Africa (Boulders Beach), The Galapagos, and a handful of other locations around the world. But the sheer numbers present on the Frozen Continent make it a penguin-lover's dream destination. Upon boarding... Continue Reading →

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